Did you know, many burglaries happen on weekdays, in daylight, when you are more likely to be out. As well as locking doors and windows using the keys each time you leave, you can also:

  • Keep keys, cash and expensive items away from doors and windows, out of view.
  • Use timer switches on lights and radios to make your home look occupied.
  • Repair broken or faulty windows or doors.
  • Keep gates locked and boundaries secure.
  • Lock away bikes, tools and garden items which could be stolen or used to break into your home.
There are some new pages on the Kent Police website with information on how people can protect themselves from burglary.
Have a look here for this useful information.

Inconsiderate Parking

A big issue from the Safer Higham meeting are concerns about inconsiderate parking – now there’s a challenge!
With so many more cars on the road now than ever before, with roads that were designed and built back in the day when many people didn’t even have one car – let alone 2, 3 or 4; when there were very few large lorries, maybe only tractors and even horse drawn carts, our roads in Higham could cope quite easily and there were enough places to park for everyone.
So here are a few suggestions and things to consider:
  • If there are no parking restrictions on a road (e.g. yellow lines) drivers can park their cars anywhere – even outside your house – the RAC provide some useful hints on Parking that can be viewed here.
  • The Highway Code – many of the rules in the Code are legal requirements in these cases they are identified by the use of the words ‘MUST/MUST NOT’. Have a look at the rules for Waiting and Parking here.
  • Please consider other people when parking, and try to:
    •  Avoid parking on our pavements as this endangers mobility scooter users and parents with buggies. 
    • Not park over cycle lanes on the Gravesend Road (A226) as this makes it unsafe for cyclists and in some locations on this road, vehicles can block sight lines for drivers coming out of junctions.

Please let’s all do our bit to ensure Higham is as road-safe as it can be.

Spotting something suspicious

What to do if you spot something that looks or seems suspicious:
  • If there is an immediate threat or danger – it is  best to always dial 999.
  • If it’s not urgent, phone the Police on 101 or report it online here
  • If you have any intelligence on something that seems unusual but you’re not sure what’s going on, then let our Community Warden know. Our Warden is Paul Hassell and he covers Higham, Chalk, Cobham and Sole Street. You can phone Paul on 07811271256 or email To find our more about what our Community Warden does, have a look here.
Case Study 1: Paul was contacted about a suspicious car – a black Corsa – he spread the word around the villages and the Parish Council posted this information on its Facebook Page – thanks to a quick response from residents the vehicle was stopped by Police and it had no MOT, TAX or Insurance. This car has now been removed from the road, crushed and recycled – so passing on intelligence does make a difference.